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Bullion Brothers Ltd. is a mining and exploration company that manages its own projects and provides contract services to global mining industries. We sell Gold, Copper Cathodes, Lithium & Cobalt.



Gold is defined as a precious metal. Its unique status among the other metals comes from its intrinsic beauty, rarity, and physical properties.

Copper Cathodes

From electrical and thermal conductivity to its antimicrobial properties, copper is an extremely versatile metal with a long history of making the world work better.


Lithium is an essential ingredient in lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric cars, as well as rechargeable power for laptops, phones and other devices.


Cobalt (Co) is a bluish-gray, shiny, brittle metallic element. It is rare and obtained mostly through refining of nickel ore.

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We integrate environmental management into all facets of our business, ensuring environmental risks are identified and managed to achieve positive environmental outcomes. Earth is our home too and therefore, we are committed to responsible management of natural resources.

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Bullion Brothers Ltd. is a fully registered and authorized seller of minerals globally.

This refers to the price paid for an asset when the exchange of goods and money between buyer and seller takes place in the present, or “on the spot”. This is opposed to the futures market, where delivery of goods takes place on a specified future date. The spot market is also known as the “cash market”.

Rock containing minerals in sufficient concentration, quantity, and value to be mined at a profit.

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