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Copper is one of the very important materials which the people have been using for different purposes since the ancient times and which is among the principal raw materials of the industry today.

Apart from silver, copper is the next best conductor of electricity. Copper’s superior conductivity allows smaller conductors to be used, saving space and cost. Apart from silver, copper is the best conductor of electricity.

Copper has a 100 percent conductivity rating, and due to modern technological advances, can even reach 101 percent conductivity compared to its own standard when oxygen is removed. In comparison, metals like aluminium have only 61 percent of the conductivity of copper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Copper cathodes are utilized as a feedstock for the manufacturing of high-purity copper and copper alloys.

Copper cathode is an excellent electrical conductor, and refined copper cathode is utilized for things that do not need a high level of conductivity.

Refined copper cathode is suitable for products that do not need a high level of conductivity and are convenient to implement.